Warning: Still Under Construction

This website was only recently started. I warn you that there may be several links which are broken, and unfinished pages all over. Continue on knowing that this website is incomplete.


Welcome to the home of the Gnollish Language. Gnollish is a constructed language or conlang. It is spoken by fictional hyena people called Gnolls. This website is a place for me to store their language for later use and maybe at some point you could learn their language from here. If you do not know what a conlang is. I will have an explanation below.


Conlangs, or constructed languages, are languages intentionally created by one or more creators, instead of slowly developing naturally as a natural language would. Famous conlangs are Quenya, Klingon, Na'vi, dothraki, and Esperanto.

Conlangs may be created for a variety of reasons. For instance, to learn linguistic concepts, or to breath life into a fictional work. They can also be created for the sake of helping people communicate by being easier to learn than a natural language.